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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Change fonts of nokia Mobile

It is very easy to do this.There have many method for change font of nokia
mobile fonts.But i provide easiest method.I tested this tricks on nokia N95
, N73 and should be compatible with all other nokia symbian
can also use your own fonts.So, lets start the step by step tutorial for changing
the font of your nokia mobile phone.

Step 1: Create new folder on your desktop and name it as Fonts

Step 2:  Go to  c:/windows/fonts in your windows and copy the font you
             want to use

Step 3: Paste this font in font folder,what you  created before.

Step 4: In the font folder, you have to paste 4 copy of font files.

Step 5: Now install Y-browser in your phone.
            Click here to download it. 

Step 6: Open your Y-browser and go to  z:/resource/fonts  and read the
            names of the fonts.

Step 7:  Rename the name of the font files in your fonts folder on the desktop
             same as the name of the font files in  z:/resource/fonts  in your
             nokia phone.

Step 8: Now connect your phone by using USB cable.

Step 9: Select  data storage/file transfer  And go to resources folder

Step 10: Copy and Paste the fonts folder from desktop to the
              resources folder.

Step 11: Disconnect your phone and restart the phone.
              Now your font will be installed.  Done!!
              If you want to revert back to original Font settings of your phone,
              delete the fonts folder in memory card

Enjoy it


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