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Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to save your cell phone battery

I think  lot of people have this problem.Im going to guide you how to save
your cell phone battery.There have some tips,you can follow it

1. Reduce your phone brightness
         This is the easiest way to increase your battery life

2. Turn of  3G and use GSM
         when you turn on your 3G,It kill your battery life.
         If you don't use video call,turn off 3G

3.Turn off Bluetooth
         Bluetooth also most power hungry application.
         If you don,t use bluetooth,turn of it.

4. Disable vibrate and sound
          In mobile phone,there is option call can use vibrate when
          you in cinema or like that place.when you are in home you can turn
          off,change your  profile to correct position

5. Disable Screen saver
           All of you think screensaver supposed our screen,But it doesn't. If you
           put a animation as your screen saver,It act like your screen,it
           discrease your battery life.Therefore turn off your screen  saver and just
           leave a blank screen.

6. Don't put moving wallpapers
            It also kill your battery life

7.  Other ideas

           > When you charging the battery,turn off your mobile.
           > Charge battery,when battery full low.
           > Use original chargers for charging the battery
           > Replace your battery after using 2 years
           > Use original batteries.don't use cheap batteries,It will damage
               to your phone.


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