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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

5 ways to send free fax in online

Now most peoples pay fro sending fax.IF u have internet connection  there have more ways to send fax online.No need to fax machine.Check this 5 way s to send fax via web.

1.Tpc - Tpc is the easiest way to send fax.Go to this link and you
              can type the fax on there.

2. Pamfax - Pamfax is simple way to send fax,its fully integrated
                     with skype.

3. Popfax -Popfax is a fax service that offers a free fax online trial.

4.Faxzero -Faxzero is also free fax service  via IP,you can send PDF
                 file and word document.This worksUSA  and Canada only.

5. Scanr - scanr is an intriguing service it turn your camera into a
                   scanner,copy machine and fax machine. So,
                   check how it works .
Try this..


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