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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vista tricks

Many people use vista.if you are one of them,this guide might help you.
Follow these steps.

1.Make vista stranded look.

  Step 1:  Go to "regedit" (press windows key +R and type "regedit")
  Step 2:  Go to this location.( HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software >
                Microsoft > Windows >registry key)
  Step 3:  Right Panel double click Composition key and change its values
                to 1. Also change the value of Composition Policy to 2. 
  Step 4 : Close it and press again windows key +R and type "services.msc"
  Step 5:  Search "Desktop Windows Manager Session Manager" and restart
                it by clicking the restart option
  Step 6:  Restart your windows
  Step 7: When the Windows Reload, right click on desktop>properties>
               Windows color and appearance and apply
               Windows Vista Standard style

2. Show the "RUN" box in start menu.

  Step 1: Right click on task bar and select properties
  Step 2: Click customize on start menu
  Step 3: Search and check the run command 
              check box.
  Step 4: Click ok.done.
              go to start menu and see Run box

3.Create a partition without data lost

Step 1: Right click my computer and select manage.
Step 2: Select disk management under the storerage
Step 3: The middle screen would be split into two parts.
            The Lower part showing the partitions in block
            form and upper part showing partitions in
            tabular form.
Step 4: Right click on partition you wish and select shrink
Step 5: Define the size you wish and click ok to begin
            the process

4.Disable Hibernate

Step 1: Go to "cmd" (go to start > all programs > accessories >
            right click on command  prompt and select
            Run as Administrator  )
Step 2:  In command prompt and type powercfg –H OFF and enter.

5.How to use more clocks

 Step 1: click on the System Time  showing on the system tray and
             select Change Date and Time settings
Step 2: Click on Additional Clocks tab and check the Show this clock
            option and set the required time zone. You can use 2 such
            clock and hence total 3 clocks including your own time zone
Step 3: click ok.

6. Disable user access protection

Step 1: Press windows key +R and type "Msconfig.sys"
Step 2:  Go to tools tab and search disable UAP and
            click lunch button.
Step 3: Restart your windows.

Enjoy with vista.


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