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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Turn on your PC by using mouse

You can power on your computer by using your mouse.
Do you have ATX Main Board, ATX case Award Bios, or
any Bios that supports PS/2 Mouse Power On?? If you have this,
you can turn on your computer with double click.Follow these steps.

Step 1: when the computer start,press "del"or "F2" to open bios setting

Step 2: Enter your CMOS configuration Select Integrated Peripherals
            from main menu

Step 3: If PS/2 mouse power on disabled,activate it by press page up/
            page down key it will became Double-Click

Step 4: Press F10 to save setting and shout down your computer.
           Now when you double click mouse computer will turn on.

Enjoy it.


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