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Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to install ubuntu from USB pen drive

This article helps you to install ubuntu from USB pen drive.This is very helpful,
people who don't use CD Roms.some laptop there have no CD Roms.However,
If you download Ubuntu Iso image file,You don't want to write into CD.If you
have Pen drive you can use this way.Follow these steps.

Step 1: You have go to ubuntu homepage and  download  ubuntu  ISO
              image file. Click here to download it from home page

Step 2: Before doing this, format your pen drive,when you format it
            please select FAT32 file format

Step 3: Now you have to download small software.Click below to
             download it
                  Unetbootin download

Step 4: Open this software.

Step 5: First you have to select the distribution  as  Ubuntu

Step6:  Select the version This version is it select as 10.04_Live

Step 7: Select the disk image and Select the location of Ubuntu image file

Step 8: Select the type as USB drive and Select the Drive name

Step 9: Now click OK. It will take approximately 10 minute.

Step 10: After finish it.reboot your computer.

Step 11: When the windows load you can see image was
               extract in to USB drive.

Now you can setup your  bios and boot your pen drive.
If you don't know how to setup your bios follow these

Step 1: Restart your computer

Step 2: Press DEL or F2 key before booting
             your computer

Step 3: Go to Boot Configuration tab and go to Boot device priority

Step 4: Select your first boot device as USB pen dive or USB Flash drive.

Step :5  Press F10 for Save it and restart your computer.

Enjoy it.


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