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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Speedup windows7

Windows 7 is the fastest operating system.but people like to more and more speed.
this article helps you to speed up your windows 7 operating system.we are not provide any software for this.
we are just giving tricks for increase your can follow me on step by step

1.Control the startup
click start and type "msconfig" and enter.

you can see above screen shot. now we can control our startup programs,boot and services.
in services,u can disable unwanted services.  it will helps to increase your computer speed.

2.control the  windows transparency

controlling or disable windows7 transparency helps to increase your speed.Because it use your graphic memory.It is easy to disable.
Right click on your desktop > select personalize > windows colour > uncheck enable transparency.

3. Disable unwanted features

you can disable unwanted features,
start > control panel >  programs > turn windows feature on or off
you can control feature for every programs

4. Defragment windows

sometime get long time to access the folder and get more time to adding folder or deleting folder.problem is,
our data in everywhere of hard it get long time to access.If we Defragment our hard disk we can access folders speedily.Because after the Defragment data will store in order.
Start > Accessories > System Tools > Defragment

5. Cleanup your  temporary file
Cleanup disk is helps to delete our unwanted files.It helps to increase our disk free space and speed.


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How can lock my pen drive?
I want that anybody cannot formatted my pen drive without password.
how can i will that?

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