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Monday, August 30, 2010

Setup D-link wireless router

Setting up wireless router is very complicated in windows.there are many thing to understood.
But if you  follow these instruction,you can do it easily.You will need D-link router,Ethernet cable and internet connection. follow instruction below.

1. Setup the router

      Step 1: Plug Ethernet cable into DSL
      Step 2: Other side of Ethernet cable plug
                   into D-link router   "WAN" port
      Step 3: Use another Ethernet cable and
                connect to computers and  router

2. D-link router configuration

      Step 1: Open your web browser and type
                 http:// in address bar

      Step 2: When login screen appear, use "Admin" as user name and password
                  for blank and click OK.

3. Setup security

      Step 1: Click "tools" tab and choosing the admin button to change
                  administrative password. Enter new  password and click "Apply"
      Step 2:  Disable the wireless local area network "LAN"

      Step 3: Go to "Home" tab and choose wireless and Select "Off"

4. Wireless encryption protocol enabling

      Step 1: Click home tab in  D-link configure screen and select wireless

      Step 2: Use the "Open system" button beside the "Authentication"

      Step 3: Select the key type to "ASCII" choose 13 digit password for "key1" field
                      and click apply

5. Change SSID

      Step 1: Go to "Home" tab and  click "wireless" and change SSID one of your
                  choosing Click "Apply"
      Step 2: Under the "Advance" tab and click "Performance" and  check off
                  disable box  and "Apply"

6. Filter MAC Address

      Step 1: Click "Advance" tab in D-link "Configuration" and select Filter Button

      Step 2: Choose the "MAC Filters" and click on "Only allow Computer with
                      MAC address listed below to connect to the network"
      Step 3: Enter the MAC Address and the name of the computers to allow
                      to access the network,after Click "Apply"

Enjoy it.


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