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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Convert USB flash drive to Bootable drive

You can convert your USB flash drive to bootable disk.You can use it for windows installation.

 Step1:  Insert your Vista windows installation DVD, go to boot folder and
             copy "bootsect exe" to computer's  C: folder
Step 2: Insert your USB flash drive in to USB slot.go to my computer and
            right click on flash drive and select "Format"
Step 3: Select NTFS file format and format the flash drive

Step 4: Type "cmd" in  start menu search box.Right click on "cmd" icon and
             select "Run as administrator

Step 5: Type "diskpart in command prompt

Step 6: Type  "list volume" and press Enter. USB drive will listed as
             removable media.

Step 7: Type "select 123" and press Enter."replace"123" with the actual
            volume number note in step6

Step 8: Type "active" and press Enter.Type "exit" and press Enter

Step 9: Type "cd C:\"  The command prompt display "C:\>_"after it is
             back in the C: folder

Step 10: Type "bootsect.exe /nt60 ABC:" and press Enter."Enter.
             " Replace "ABC" with the associated letter noted in Step 6.
               after this completed, your flash drive fully bootable drive.

Enjoy it.


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