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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

5 tips for increase torrents speed

I think this is very useful for us.most of people downloads movies from torrents site.Sometime downloading  remains few,
i got 5 ways to increase torrents speed.follow this.

Step 1:   Disable Firewall
            If you disable firewall  P2p will friendly.Because firewall hate
            P2p connection.

Step 2: Queuing setting
            Don't use more download. how  many you are  going to download?
            If your connection is slow,please use few will helps you to
            increase your speed.

Step 3: Port  Forwarding
            Ip address divide into different ports.each application use different ports,
            so you must have separate ports.So you have to forward your port.
            Follow these for forwarding ports.
            1. Go to this site
            2. Select your modem
   torrent application and follow easy steps.

Step 4: Increase TCP connection
            normally we use 10 have to change it between 50 to 100.
            you can increase TCP by using patch. click below to Download patch
                                  Download patch

Step 5: Minimizing upload limit.
             Your upload must discrease.Set it to below to 10.

If you try these 5 tips you can increase your torrent speed.
Enjoy it.


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